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Yoshino Cedar House


This is a collection of photographs from Airbnb's project in Yoshino, Japan to provide a space for locals and travelers alike to share a unique space, whose proceeds benefit the community of Yoshino.

A worker prepares a plank for use in Yoshino Cedar House.
The full Yoshino Cedar House branding, created by Airbnb Samara.
Long beams are prepared by workers in a factory, ready to be used to build Yoshino Cedar House.
Bound books reveal the angles, measurements, and planned infrastructure for bringing the Yoshino Cedar House to life.
A worker is seen splitting and preparing cedar planks for use in Yoshino Cedar House.
A scenic view of the wild, natural landscape in Yoshino, a city in the Nara region of Central Japan.
Workers prepare cedar planks for use in Yoshino Cedar House.
A wide view showcases houses and buildings in the Yoshino community.
The open design of the stairway is revealed in this shot, creating a unique pattern this is reflected in staircase...
Looking down the stairway from above reveals the A shape of the upper floor and contrasting angles and tones of natural...
The stacking outer eaves set in warm cedar contrast the cool neutral grays of the Yoshino sky.
This unique built-in dining table is recessed into the floor, giving the room and table a seamless effect.
A plaque reveals details about the Airbnb Samara x Yoshino Cedar House project.
The intricacy of roof paneling is seen in this close-up detail of the Yoshino Cedar House ceiling.
The open staircase is seen from a front angle, showcasing the dynamic lines that converge at the top of the stairway...
The Airbnb Samara and Yoshino marks are set side-by side to showcase their relationship and connection.
Th bedroom space is backlit by a unique A shape that provide ample natural light—reflecting the cedar's warm tones.