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Tiovivo Creativo studio and coworking


Workplace and coworking in Valencia (Spain) designed by Tiovivo Creativo studio. It's based on a classic postmodernist environment with a certain tendency to eclecticism. An electric but quiet office, where the coworkers can carry out the collaborative projects in a unique environment that connects with nature.

These office is conceptualized to create a functional and multipurpose space, where all of the details have been created looking for the maximum optimization of the space, considering that additionally to the design studio purpose, these offices are also offered as a coworking space.

The characteristics of the premises allowed the creation of a working ecosystem with a special connection with nature, where the division of the different working areas are dynamically projected, joining together to an inner courtyard that provides serenity and the feeling of being working outdoors.

An interior design project in which all furniture, except for the chairs, are fully in-house designs. Much of it is inspired by the Memphis milano movement, with its inexhaustible graphic combinations of black and white, geometric figures, intense colours and in some cases, midway between the useful object and the artwork.