This modest 1930's single story bungalow on a small lot in the historic Houston Woodland Heights was renovated end to end with a new addition at the rear of the property. The new modern kitchen opens on to the new living addition with adjoining exterior deck that takes full advantage of the remaining yard. Due to the floor height above grade, the kitchen addition steps down into the new living space and again at the exterior deck, easing the transition as you enter and exit the rear of the home. The new living area is open to the exterior with large sliding glass panels while the structural wood beams within the cathedral ceiling lower the height and acknowledge ornamental ceiling beams in the original house. This new structure is designed around an existing tree that shades the deck and draws the landscape into the new space.

A new master bath is carved out of an existing bedroom on the back of the home. New bath fixtures are carefully located in proximity to the existing windows which remain in place. Original elements of the home including the masonry chimney and shiplap ceiling (kitchen) are left in place and exposed for historical reference while also providing contrast with new construction.

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