Collection by Zinzi Edmundson

Wooden Geometric Mobiles by Haley Ann Robinson


Portland-based maker Haley Ann Robinson is perfecting one of 21st century design’s most significant components: The side hustle.

The graphic designer-by-day’s already gained Internet traction and the attention of Seattle’s design mecca Totokaelo Art—Object with her hand-painted wooden “rocks”. Now Robinson’s turning her gaze—and free time—to a line of geometric mobiles she calls Geobils. The jewelry-like wall hangings adeptly meld the worlds of mid-century wall art with tactile, organic materials—and body jewelry (in a good way). The five-piece collection, a mixture of brass tubing, jewelry chains, and wooden and ceramic beads, is at once clean and contemporary, warm and nostalgic. Plus, it’s a fantastic decorating alternative to the typical vintage wall art options.

The central inspiration for the Geobils was to start a personal creative challenge for Haley Ann Robinson.
Through her side projects, Robinson can explore three dimensional projects that require her to "get messier" than her...
Robinson has only ever dabbled in jewelry-making (though "not for a while and not for long when it lasted"), though she...
After splitting her time between Los Angeles and Portland—and repeatedly returning to the Northwest for...
Evidence of Robinson's popular wooden rocks are echoed in the simple wooden and ceramic beads that hang on many of the...

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