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Wood Interior

Wright's bedroom with his studio, seen just beyond through his bookshelves.
Angled openings in the roofline function as both windows and vents, allowing views and cross-breezes.
A view through the house shows not only how the roofline folds down across the interior, letting in air and sunlight,...
The kitchen reveals the detailed precision with which the Thoms assembled their home: Exact cuts, joins, and...
Mami and Ishii Hideaki (a friend and .......Research employee) prepare lunch in the cozy main building.
Large windows and sliding doors with maximal operability are placed throughout, including the master bedroom, where...
An attentive sensitivity to site played into nearly every aspect of both the exterior andinterior spaces of the home.
Douglas fir and Alaskan cedar richly line the interior walls, and the flooring is made of Vermont slate.