Collection by Kristina Staneva

Wood Architecture

Solid white oak flooring is installed throughout.
The interior features 16-foot pitched ceilings.
Western red cedar siding makes up the home's exterior.
Bi-fold doors connect the main residence to the backyard, which features a large swimming pool, a 200-square-foot pool...
Sebastian and Maricarmen take in the scenery from the comfort of their exposed living room.
Both houses, viewed from across State Street.
While most of the ground level is given over to the large open living and dining area, it also includes a small pantry,...
After entering through the front door, visitors pass over the large koi pond on a cast-concrete footbridge chiseled to...
A guest bedroom, with furniture from Room & Board, overlooks the bridge above the dining courtyard.
Architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal and project manager Jeff Svitak created a house in Venice, California, for...

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