Collection by Aaron Britt

Wonderwall Archives 01


Back in 2009 we ran a conversation with Masamichi Katayama about the incredible Japanese retail design outfit Wonderwall. We only showed a handful of photos to go with it, but now with the publication late last year of the book Wonderwall Archives 01 from Parco, those hungry for a trove of eyecandy can finally get their fill. Wonderwall's brand of design has all the clean sheen you'd want in a slick shop, but their idiosyncratic, often highly expressionistic flourishes reveal them as pop culture jokesters unwilling to give themselves over completely to white space and textured concrete. Have a look at the slideshow that follows for a glimpse of Wonderwall's work.

The cover of the new book Wonderwall Archives 01.
Here's a shot of the Wonderwall offices. Textural concrete, a sleek letterbox, and their understated logo carry the day.
Here's an interior view of the 2009 design of the Wonderwall offices in Tokyo.
The SOHO in Tokyo is a luxury hotel with office facilities and spaces to eat and drink that Wonderwall completed in...
Collette's reputation as ground zero for Paris fashion's bleeding edge is assured.
Part haberdasher, part kitsch emporium, Pass the Baton Omotesando in Harajuku, Tokyo is a fine example of Wonderwall's...
Hard to imagine a more clever way to hang scores of pair of Nikes than at the company's first flagship store in Tokyo.
The hip streetwear of BAPE gets an equally cool architectural treatment in this 2008 Tokyo shop.