Collection by Aileen Kwun

Winter Retreat: Inside 5 Cozy Cottages


As the winter season creeps upon us, these small cozy retreats make a case for the great indoors.

Douglas fir walls and beams extend to the exterior of a weekend house near Golden, British Columbia.
The residents, who live in Calgary, frequently entertain, and with 16 beds, bunks, and twin-bed-wide window seats,...
The facade is punctured by a variety of differently sized windows: Those flush to the wall indicate the house’s public...
The first thing visitors see as they enter the house is Bornstein’s impressive collection of architecture and design...
Suzanne and Brooks Kelley at the back of their 1,100-square-foot guest cottage.
Working with project architect Kyle Bradley, Gray and Organschi started with the simplest of designs—a shed-type...
Woody35's distinct shape makes it stand out from its surroundings despite the modest size of the building.
The living room's double height makes the space seem larger that its actual size.
The house, which is gently pushed into the hillside, has a large basement holding a garage, ski room, storage areas,...
The red sofa in the living room is a 1960s piece originally owned by Strolz’s parents.