Collection by Ashley Graj


A tight construction budget informed the choices Sean Guess made as he designed a house for a couple in Austin, Texas.
Maca purchased linen in Indonesia for the draperies in the living room, where a wall of Western Windows overlooks the...
The Scyon Axon cladding of this gabled Melbourne addition gleams at midday.
For this project, the husband loved ultra-modern design, while the wife leaned towards a more traditional aesthetic.
The original home’s dilapidated rear wall was in such poor condition that Roberts called it “an opportunity in disguise.
There are generously proportioned nine-foot-high ceilings throughout the Desert House.
McMinn, an architect, helps Soren construct a TinkerToy tower.
By taking advantage of economies of scale, a Houston native and a pair of mod-minded developers team up to create nine...
“I love this low-level stair window.
The Clark family residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, was designed around the Series 600 multi-slide window walls from...

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