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A 1950s Mid-Century Home Joins the Spokane Register of Historic Places
A pedigreed mid-century home tailor-made for its inhabitants and environs joins the Spokane Register of Historic Places.
It took over a year for the project’s team, led by principal Mark McInturff, to meet with neighborhood commissions,...
Scott Pitek designed this gabled structure for Betty Rahman on a 5,000-square-foot lot in Portland, Oregon.
Among the three pavilions are the standard comforts of any home: A kitchen, living space, and dining area are situated...
The house may appear conventional at a glance, but a closer look shows how Oostenbruggen has pushed the boundaries of...
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...
The original structure was designed as a safe haven for Bruce; a place with a distinct sense of peace and quiet,...
Dan Pacek and John Roynon of Leonia, New Jersey, expanded and renovated their tiny kitchen, integrating it more...
Cottage Black in nestled in the aspen grove below the main house.
The intimate refuge was sited to be out of view from the main house.
The big window and door in the living room provide a connection to the aspen trees outside.
The minimalistic bathroom at the center of the studio separates the sleeping area from the living area .
The “black object” is all but completely hidden from the main house.
Much of the details edited away, Cottage Black is a strikingly simple, strong piece of architecture.
Retreat in the Aspen Grove
Studio B, a Colorado based architecture and interior design practice with offices in Boulder and Aspen, first designed the...
The clients insisted that none of the trees on the property be disturbed, so Kevin Alter and his team at Alterstudio...
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