Collection by Diana Budds

Ways to Use Fiber-Cement Panels


The versatile, hardy fiber-cement panel is a go-to finish for architects looking for durable, reliable, and flexible cladding—it's the ultimate modern material.

The exterior of a floating house in Seattle is clad with fiber cement panels from James Hardie painted in three...
Wood-fiber cement panels by Koa Funen line the interior, and the criss-crossing laminated veneer lumber beams are from...
A tight construction budget informed the choices Sean Guess made as he designed a house for a couple in Austin, Texas.
The HardiePanel siding on the adjacent 100K and 120K houses is a dramatic break from East Kensington’s mostly brick...
The rear addition is clad in James Hardie’s Fiber Cement siding.
A series of levels gives the house a sense of separation between the main rooms.
To manage costs, Yarinsky and Bernheimer kept things simple.
The kitchen addition is clad in James Hardie fiber-cement board.
Prefinished cement fiberboard panels cover the rear facade.
Architect Lorcan O’Herlihy created a remarkable residence for himself and his wife, Cornelia, just off Pacific Avenue...