Collection by Matthew Keeshin

12 Ways to Get Creative With Cor-Ten Steel


Whether the material is solid or perforated, Cor-Ten steel gives heavy metal a natural touch.

The woven wire steel mesh presents a semi-transparent sheath to the interiors.
The fire-resistant structure is clad in corrugated Cor-Ten steel that has been left to rust for easy maintenance.
Cor-Ten steel and board-form concrete give the exterior a weathered look.
A circular tower echoes the former gas storage cylinder that once occupied its place.
An interior courtyard provides even more space for entertaining, as well as another opportunity to reference the...
The front facade features Cor-Ten steel fabricated by Praxy Cladding.
With the challenge of fitting a four bedroom house on an oddly shaped plot, Merer's design aimed to maximize space.
With input from her clients, Barensfeld used a computer to generate the circular patterns that were carved into a pair...
McAvoy rebuilt the farmhouse’s original stone walls piece by piece.
The geometric front facade of the home is made of Cor-Ten steel, segregated into eight vertical panels.
Alex Gil and Claudia DeSimio created a duplex in an apartment building where they’d been renting for years in Brooklyn,...
The snaking structure doesn’t merely copy the surrounding landscape; instead, it employs a layering of elemental forms...

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