Collection by Warmboard, Inc.

Warmboard radiant installation


Photos of Warmboard-S and Warmboard-R installed in new homes and remodels.

Warmboard-R installed with tubing.
Warmboard-S installs over joist in a new home.
Alignment pins ensure panels, and tubing channels, line up precisely.
Warmboard-R can be screwed down over existing subfloor.
School teacher installs Warmboard-R in her home.
Warmboard-S over joist.
Warmboard-R installation in a remodeled home in Wisconsin.
Warmboard-S installed over joist.
Warmboard-S installation, 10,000+ square foot home, Seaside Park, New...
Warmboard-S in new construction, Aptos...
Warmboard-R installed over subfloor.
Warmboard-R installed in a remodeled home outside Chicago,...
Warmboard-S installed over joist.
Warmboard-S installed with ICFs.
Warmboard-S installed over subfloor in a new home in Manitoba,...
Warmboard-S in a new home construction in San Mateo,...
Warmboard-S installed over joist, North...
Warmboard-S installed over steel joists in a Brownstone retrofit in New Jersey.
Warmboard-S is a code-approved structural subfloor and radiant panel in one. It installs directly over the joists.
Warmboard-S installed on the 2nd floor of a small unit near Basalt, Colorado.

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