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Walnut Studiolo Masters the Art of Hand-Made


Walnut Studiolo, an Oregon-based leather artisan workshop, has humble beginnings with undeniable heart for design. Because Geoffrey Franklin, co-founder of Walnut Studiolo, often biked to work, he was inspired to embellish his ride with leather accents resembling vintage Italian bikes, but he could not find anything available on the market. Instead, Geoffrey, an architect and designer by trade, took to his garage and began crafting his own leather bike gear to fit his needs. Soon enough, his passion to create led him to develop pieces that followed his other hobbies and eventually his wife and Walnut Studiolo co-founder, Valerie Franklin, put the gear up for sale online. It was clear from that point forward that the Franklins were just on the precipice of something they hadn’t expected but were elated to find, the birth of Walnut Studiolo.

Several years later, in addition to their bicycle gear, Walnut Studiolo recently added a new collection of Drawer Pulls consisting of highest-quality, hand-made leather drawer and cabinet pulls. The leather and sustainable woods make fine additions to any kitchen, home, or dresser drawers made only using vegetable-tanned leather sourced from a United States tannery. This specialty hardware combines functionality with artistry, adding an unexpected warm accent to every home.

Walnut Studiolo’s other hand-made products include wine and whiskey cases, keychains, office organization, travel games and more. Each unique piece combines intricate, modern design with old world materials and methods. Through these products, the Franklins express not only a love for outstanding design and architectural concepts but embrace natural, environmentally sound products as well. With new products in development, Walnut Studiolo will continue to expand but always encourage their buyers to shop small, and shop handmade.

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