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Walking Man© Chiminea


Inspired by the shapes found in Japanese origami and the explosive energy of Futurist and Cubist work,
I returned to my roots as a fine arts sculptor to create a chiminea that is both functional and sculptural.

The Walking Man© as titled, resembles a dynamic shape in motion when viewed from a distance.
It is 3-sided and designed with hinged panels which open and close, allowing for the directional

control of smoke.In the same primal way that fire beckoned the caveman, the Walking Man© draws

people to it offering a warm and interactive place for gatherings and conversation.

The Walking Man© is available in either Cor Ten or stainless steel and tailors to every environment.
The Cor Ten steel appears more rustic and takes on a beautiful patina when used, while

the stainless radiates a majestic elegance. Each offers unique details which complement the chosen material.

The Walking Man© is available as a limited edition series and signed by the artist.
Interior photos were by taken by photographer Fred Langstaff and

exterior photos were taken by Dean Powell, ©

Walking Man© Chiminea with its natural...
Walking Man© Chiminea in Stainless...
Walking Man Chiminea in Cor Ten Steel...poolside.