Collection by Olivia Martin

Vogue: 100 Iconic Covers


We appreciate a good magazine cover here in the Dwell offices (we spend hours picking them out, after all), so it was a pleasant surprise to receive Postcards from Vogue: One Hundred Iconic Covers published by Penguin Books. From Vogue's inception in 1892 to now, photographers such as Irving Penn and Annie Leibovitz, as well as artists like Salvador Dali and Eduardo Benito have helped produce its iconic cover images. The Vogue editors have culled their most iconic covers from the past 120 years in this compendium. Click through our slideshow to see a preview and purchase the book here.

"Postcards from Vogue: One Hundred Iconic Covers" comes in a convenient box set and can be used to drop notes or...
Vogue released its first issue on December 17, 1892.
Summer of 1926, the roaring twenties and Art Deco style was well underway.
A cover from October 15, 1936 promotes jewels, accessories, and furs despite the looming economic depression.
As we began to enter an era of travel, savvy editor-in-chief Edna Woolman Chase followed suit in Vogue.
In 1949, the price of a single issue of Vogue moved up to $.50 (from the original price of $.10).
A famous 1964 Vogue cover shot by renowned photographer Irving Penn.
A young Cindy Crawford graces the January 1987 cover.
In 1992, Vogue celebrated its 100th anniversary with a roundup of the top supermodels, all dressed in a classic white...
In one of Annie Leibovitz’s photographs from her iconic celebrity series, Drew Barrymore poses as Beauty from Beauty...