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Viva La Tucson

Great care was taken to ensure that all 20 bungalows have the smallest possible carbon footprint.
Mexican encaustic tiles with a geometric floral pattern from Mosaicos Terra line the bathroom in Austin’s studio, where...
It’s hard to believe that this idyllic house sited in a coastal coconut grove in Nandgaon, India, is a mere hour’s...
The pool feels as laterally finite as the house feels spacious—but the view goes up forever.
“There was the challenge of how to build appropriately on such a sublime and pristine site,” explains Pejic.
A Rick Joy-designed home in the desert of Arizona.
The pool is sheltered on all sides by white plaster walls, a space envisioned by the architect as a volume that's "half...
The pool is framed by angular concrete paths reflecting the natural geometry of the site.
The architects discreetly sunk a pool into the roof terrace of the old corral.

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