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Villa Rivesto Exterior and interior by Margraf


Villa Rivesto, located in the Sicilian town of Marsala, is a marvellous example of contemporary residential building in which Margraf marbles play a leading role both in creating the architectural space that evokes an atmosphere of elegance and design and in outlining minimal interiors.

The versatility and uniqueness of this natural material are the cornerstones of the plan by the architect Maurizio Giammarinaro: the façades are finished with corner elements cut diagonally giving the impression of three blocks of walls entirely covered with Grigio Ducale marble. The outdoor paving and the main staircase are covered with frost-resistant, non-slip Grigio Ducale with a bush-hammered finish.

In the interior, in one of the two bathrooms, the Striato Olimpico marble, with its typical greyish white colour and clearly outlined horizontal veins, cut into slabs of 3 metres in length, creates a unique and harmonious wellness environment without any visible sign of the cuts. The other bathroom is tiled with precious polished Onice Verde, laid in book-match style, creating a work of art that has been shaped by nature over thousands of years.

In the living area, the observer’s attention is immediately drawn to the design fireplace made of Pietra Pernice with slots that provide for ventilation by exploiting the stone’s unique features without having to fit metal grilles.

To further enhance the interiors, the kitchen and bathroom countertops and the bathtub are covered with Bianco Thassos tiles of the new “Composite Stone Marble Resin by Margraf” collection. This material is extremely resistant and is made with 95% natural marble and small percentage of polyester resin.

Margraf marbles used:
• GRIGIO DUCALE – BUSH-HAMMERED - outdoor paving and wall tiling

• PIETRA LAVICA – BRUSHED – barbecue countertop

• PIETRA PERNICE – BRUSHED – fireplace tiling

• STRIATO OLIMPICO – POLISHED – bathroom tiling

• ONICE VERDE – POLISHED – bathroom wall tiling, laid in book-match style

• BIANCO THASSOS COMPOSITE STONE – POLISHED – bathroom countertop and bathtub tiling



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