Collection by Rapt Studio

VF Outdoor Campus


If the outdoors has to be indoors, it’s in here. The VF brand is classic, high quality, and values exploration of the earth. The new campus is a dynamic tribute to that.

VF Outdoor is home to some of the company’s leading brands like The North Face, JanSport and lucy. New corporate headquarters were opened in Alameda, CA, and needed a campus that embodies the company’s commitment to their community, their culture, and the environment.

With a tight budget but an expansive vista of the Bay, we minimized cost and maximized use of the location with a minimal, clean design, open to the views of the shoreline.

The campus consists of four buildings on a 23-acre parcel. Natural materials are used in the showrooms and meeting rooms that pour out onto the campus lawn.

The unifying factor across the building and brands is the overarching message of outdoor exploration. And the result is a modern marvel of the Bay.

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