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Vermont Modern by Hubbardton Forge


Vermont Modern by Hubbardton Forge is an edgy, contemporary lighting line with stylish, inspired designs. Six bold, new colors and sleek shapes, perfect for urban spaces, made by Vermont artisans.

Cumulus Pendant Cloudy with a chance of hot damn!
Hive Pendant The bee’s knees.
Hook, Vine and Sinker Pendant Check out the glass on that one.
Stretch Pendant Who needs yoga pants?
Monarch Pendant Style so nice, we designed it thrice.
Copernicus LED Pendant Go ahead, lick...
Ringo Large LED Pendant If you liked it, you should have put a Ringo on it.
Anemone Circular LED Pendant Keep your friends close, your Anemone closer.
Bloom Mini Pendant Take me home and turn me on.
Filament Mini Pendant Look on the bright side – me.
Filament Table Lamp Goodbye boring desk job.
Cumulus Floor Lamp Get your groove on.
Copernicus LED Table Lamp Hotter than the bottom of your laptop.