Collection by Tiffany Orvet

Vera & Kyte


Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte are the talents behind the up-and-coming Norwegian design studio Vera & Kyte. The Bergen-based duo credit their mixed aesthetic influences and curiosity about materials—as well as eye-opening internships with companies Fora Form and Varier—for their early design successes. These include pendant lights in vivid lacquered birch and colored glass, a daybed that evokes leisure and relaxation in its steel-frame form, and a series of pedestal tables that the designers say epitomizes their focus on “unpretentious combinations of form and color.” Look for them in Milan at SaloneSatellite, premiering a new family of lamps as well as some updated versions of their tables and daybed.

Staged shelves by Vera & Kyte.
Whisky and Water glasses.
The duo's Pedestal tables are made of black granite and lacquered steel.
Bobby and Bandit pendant lights.
Vera & Kyte's Balcony daybed.
Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte make up Norwegian design studio Vera & Kyte.