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The Black and White Apartment by Crosby Studios.
Raise the Roof...
The house's triangular shape effectively blocks sight of a large wall that stands nearby.
The house's "traditional" feel, Koolhaas says, is "only as thick as the layer of wood on the outside." When entering,...
The driveway leads down a gentle slope to the garage, which is partially tucked into the earth, covered by a green...
One of the main goals of the construction was to do as little harm as possible to the existing environment, which...
In the kitchen, a sculptural replica of a shark hangs above the sink.
“We did our best to tuck the buildings into the site—the goal was to get up high on a perch.
Two smaller, adjacent structures house autonomous bedrooms, each equipped with a full bathroom.
Norwegian architect Marianne Borge.
Woody35's distinct shape makes it stand out from its surroundings despite the modest size of the building.
Large sliding glass doors allow daylight to fill the living room.
“It’s never static or solid here—with thelight, there’s always some sort of movement.”—Austin Lowrey,...
The Outdoor Kitchen by...
Ingrid shows off one of the chickens the family raises in their large and very productive coop.
The Norm barstool has elegant, extended legs.
The Lollygagger sofa is a double-wide extension of the Lollygagger lounge.
Anyone fond of putting flame to food will appreciate the appeal of the Mangiafuoco fireplace.
The alleyway extends into a full kitchen, where meals can be prepared right beside family gatherings.
From the deck you really get a sense of the two main volumes of the house.