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V Savenkov


Client V Savenkov had long desired to renovate the home the family lived in so as to make it more fitting for the 21st century. The now converted part of a semi-detached house had two rooms on the ground floor, while the owner lived upstairs. The property included a small galley kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms a bathroom, no dining room but an external covered porch. The home needed new life breathed into it, so a series of studies were undertaken to determine the best course of action to take. Study one looked only at renovating the kitchen and adding a conservatory to the covered porch. The covered porch now became the dining room separated from the kitchen by an open plan breakfast counter. No other changes to the remaining rooms were proposed but this meant that the bedroom that once led out to the covered porch was now starved of light

Both internal and external 3D images were prepared to determine what design direction the project should take, but a cost effective solution for allowing light back into the bedroom could not be found.

As the term goes, we went back to the drawing board to come up with a creative solution to suit V Savenkov’s liking. This time the whole living space was considered, and a radical solution as found. This brave new design proposed that the large bedroom became the kitchen, and the covered porch the dining area. The large bathroom is reduced in size to allow for two medium sized bedrooms and an ensuite to bedroom 1. This unorthodox design uses an island in the kitchen to create a pathway to the dining area the bathroom and bedroom 2 as shown in the layout below.