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Usonian and the like

Houston homebuyers are in for a treat: Frank Lloyd Wright’s sole Houston home is on the market.
The New Suburbanism
When an urban expat couple decided to build the suburban house they wanted rather than the one their neighbors expected, they...
An Architect in Her Own Wright
Elizabeth Wright Ingraham had big shoes to fill. Her father, architect John Lloyd Wright, invented Lincoln Logs.
Eco-Friendly Rustic Cabin Retreat in Canada
With windows recycled from a Toronto skyscraper, Barerock is both rustic cabin and high-tech, eco-friendly retreat.
A Look at Frank Lloyd Wright's Little-Known Prefabs
From early modular construction to a portfolio of homes based in the Midwest, we take a look at the prefab residences designed by...
The house is one of about 60 so-called Usonian houses that Wright designed for middle-income clients starting in 1936.
Lewis Sharp’s Usonian home is just around the corner from where his children and grandchildren live.
A full-scale model of a Usonian house, installed on the site of the future Guggenheim Museum, 1953.