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Urban Renewal in Portland's Pearl District


Portland Oregon's Pearl District is the fastest growing area of the urban city core. Housing towers, fine eateries, and startups expand rapidly and mix with classic old buildings with grit and character. This mix of old and new make the Pearl a fascinating subject for urban photography.

Looking up at balconies and windows in a newer rise near The Fields park.
A beautifully textured water drain near the The Fields park in the Pearl.
Looking up at sky and glass.
An old condemned warehouse on the waterfront in the outskirts of the Pearl.
Parking garage lights filtered through vented steel doors.
Nike's Biketown is strong with several locations in the Pearl.
Blue sky frames towers in Portland's Pearl.
Under the I-405 freeway bridge in Portland's Pearl district.
Layers of cement and steel rise in Portland's Pearl district.
Early morning light frames the Broadway Bridge.
Looking up at blue sky, through stone, steel, and glass.
Old brick and still in Portland's Pearl.