Collection by Arkin Tilt Architects

Urban Farmhouse Kitchen


Remodeling the kitchen of a 100 year-old farmhouse into a cozy, functional space while respecting its long and complicated history was no easy task. While the space of the kitchen is only slightly larger, the end result is spacious and light.

Punched steel panels provide a modern take on the old "pie safe" ventilated pantry.
The kitchen has become the social center of the house: a place for sunny mornings with the paper, kids' homework in the...
After removing the sheet vinyl flooring, the interesting striped pattern of the subfloor was revealed - and left...
The original Wedgewood stove is featured, set against a panel of hot-rolled steel, and flanked by long countertops from...
Storage for plates and glassware is integrated into seat backs with lifting panels mounted on drawer glides.
The bowling lane table is supported on a mobile steel base incorporating skateboard wheels for easier access to storage...
The flat ceiling was removed, and fir paneling filled the gaps between the angled roof joists.

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