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Blood Cell and Dog Bone, Handmade Upholstered Benches


A high strength to weight ratio, a low center of gravity, and ridiculously good looks.
We make these benches in lengths up to 8-feet without a center support!...Can your bench do that?

Placed end to end these two shapes look as if they are connected, Like links in a chain or bones in your body

They are also a model of efficiency, for instance a 72-inch bench uses 1/5 as much tree to create, yet has the comparable strength of a 2-1/4 inch solid wood slab.

It also weighs less than 30 lbs so it is not a burden to move about the home or office.

a Blood Cell and a Dog Bone bench in use at a dining table, both are 47-inch length...
95-inch Dog Bone upholstered...
95-inch Blood Cell upholstered...
Dog Bone and Blood Cell, Placed end to end these two shapes look as if they are connected.
An 8 foot Blood Cell bench.
Eli and Apollo. This dining table has one of each bench shape, one dog bone and one blood cell.
The 6 footer is the first of the new longer bench prototypes to get upholstered, We have only a few photos of it so far.
1959-db the model number tells that this is a 19 x 59-inch bench in dog bone shape, the same dimensions are available...
1959-db ...
the new 6-foot upholstered bench prototype is a hit with the grand nephews.
I was stumped for a solution about how to best attach legs to these benches for a good year or two, before I came up...
It turns out that our living room does a decent job as a place in which to photograph our products.
I did this to illustrate the strength of our upholstered benches which are realized as stressed skin panels. These and...
Model 1947-db, 47-inch length upholstered bench in dog bone shape.
Coffee Bench prototype.

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