Collection by Zachary Edelson

Unique Ways to Do Indoor-Outdoor Living


At Dwell we love letting nature into the modern home and vice-versa. However, indoor-outdoor doesn't have to mean a single large sliding door leading to the backyard. These six homes took a very different tack.

The entire interior wall opens, extending the house visually and socially into the small garden that lies between the...
A Batons chandelier from LBL Lighting hangs over the dining table.
The house is set on a forested hill, which means the backyard—though scenic—is too steep to enjoy.
The two building skins form a veranda in-between, where Burns and his partner, Tania Soghomonian, often entertain...
This open-ended box, lined in mirrored glass, performs like a kaleidoscope, amplifying the mature Melia tree’s presence...
Coastal, on a hill, and made from inexpensive materials, the Ferguson house is a catalog of moving surfaces and open...
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