Collection by Zachary Edelson

Unique Takes on the Modern Bedroom


These quirky custom beds and bedrooms remind us that no part of the home—even one where you'll mostly be sleeping—should be taken for granted.

The bedroom mixes a bed and lamps from Ikea with a deep, luxurious bathtub (an inexpensive model from Neptune).
In the second floor master bedroom, a custom captain’s bed designed by the homeowner, features drawers and storage...
The glass platform bed is backed by a headboard of two sheets of lucite embedded with aquamarine wool from Maharam.
Furniture designer Pat Carson created a plethora of custom fixtures for the guest room, including a riveted aluminum...
Uninterrupted cement flooring was chosen for the mezzanine.
Architect John Senhauser was asked to design a master bedroom addition 1950s ranch house in Cincinnati, Ohio, belonging...
Hirsh and Volny created a bed frame out of a rusted well pipe and scaffolding fittings.