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Off the coat of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, Manta Resort’s “Underwater Room” is a three-level suite surrounded by a...
Architect Caroline Wilding, then of Denver-based Design Platform, led the renovation.
From the kitchen and living room you’re well connected to the courtyard and the rest of the house.
The home of Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander in Orinda, in the hills east of Berkeley, California has a corridor with...
The home features a stunning view of a private beach.
The placement of the windows creates sight lines across the 4,770-square-foot structure.
The flooring and stair treads are by Northern Wide Plank. - North Hatley, Quebec Dwell Magazine : July / August...
Soheil steps into the music and screening room, which is concealed behind a masonry-veneered door.
A custom pivot door by Archispec opens onto a foyer with a poured-concrete floor.
A fireplace and large outdoor patio sit opposite the pool and inner atrium and creates a warm gathering place for...
A large copper statue gazes upward, inviting visitors to get lost in the rugged landscape.
An edgeless pool creates a smooth glass-like effect, reflecting the thickly forested surroundings.
The living wall designed by Scotscape provides a refreshing backdrop to the dining area.
Entering the apartment from the street level, guests meet a dramatic, three-story atrium and a feature staircase.
Casa Narigua - P+0...
“At first we thought we might not need that much space, but then we started thinking long term.