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Union Larder


Eight Inc., together with the Owners Jay Esopenko and Melissa Gugni, designed Union Larder, an exclusive neighborhood wine bar & cafe with speciality groceries located on San Francisco's beautiful Russian Hill.

The space was originally part of an old parking garage and mechanic space built in the 1920's. Existing concrete structures have been exposed and large structural steel elements have been added, which influenced the aesthetics and design language of the space. In collaboration with a local blacksmith, sign maker and craftsmen, tables, chairs and light fixtures were designed that reference the industrial nature of the building. The interior was supplemented with selected pieces of reclaimed furniture tastefully integrated into the space. Flooded with natural light - the windows open up to the Hyde Street Cable Car line - and a material palette consisting of leather, wood, blackened steel and zinc, a warm, intimate and sophisticated atmosphere is created.

Union Larder, the second store after Little Vine by Jay Esopenko and Melissa Gugni, is manifested in the owners’ passion for exclusive wines and good food. Partnerships with local vineries and a unique selection of wines are complemented with an exclusive offering of cheeses, charcuterie, oysters and more. With 30 seats at the bar and communal tables, Union Larder will be a hub for the local community, reviving the Russian Hill neighborhood.

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