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Tumblr We Love: TypeToy


One man's inspiration is another's inspiration? TypeToy was created as a personal online reference library with an emphasis in vintage design and typography by Aaron Eiland, a senior designer by day and screen printer and freelance illustrator off-hours. Images ranging from colorful matchboxes to witty vintage illustrations are sourced from a variety of image-driven sites such as Flickr and a slew of blog sites. Says Eiland, "TypeToy was started as an online reference library for myself. The name comes from the idea of enjoying design just for fun, not on a professional level." With that in mind, do take a look at a few of our favorites after the jump!

Patterned matchboxes designed by Saul Bass.
A perfectly composed bird's-eye view of a boxing match.
From Adrienne Adams’ What Makes A Shadow, 1960.
A piece of typewriter paper mysteriously doubles as the writer.
Poster design for the Art Directors Club of Houston by Mark Greer.
'If We Build it They Will Come' illustration by Matthew Hollister for The Boston Globe.
From Pekin, a pictorial record by Brian Brake from Magnum for National Geographic, August 1960.
Vintage Polish packaging paper.
A collection of various red bric-à-brac meticulously laid out.
Four levels of city life, illustrated.
Accumulation, 1952 by Yayoi Kusama.
The cover of Spelboken (The Game Book) designed by Rolf Lagerson, 1960.
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