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Trophy Bike


The work we’ve done with VF Outdoor Corporation wouldn’t have happened without Steve Rendle. And since he was recently promoted to Senior Vice President, we wanted to congratulate him properly.

To create a raw material fixed gear tasteful enough to put on the wall, we teamed up with Michael Pfaltzgraff, who’s designed a fair share of Tour de France bikes for Trek, and worked with the likes of Damien Hirst, Kaws and Barry McGee. And we were pretty happy with the results.

Conceptualized from classic products of VF Corp., the frame is brushed chro-moly with a stained leather saddle, walnut handlebars, and sections of beautifully white painted aluminum. To reflect Steve’s love of the outdoors we also took the liberty of adding a topographical pattern overlay on the exposed raw steel of the frame.

To celebrate his career, we added the coordinates of the five iconic brands of VF Outdoor that Steve has been directly involved with—The North Face, Timberland, JanSport, Lucy, and Smartwool as well as a marked seat post with the years of his key milestones at VF—note that as he ascends the ranks, the seat post rises.

Further, our friends at NOTCOT helped us make the custom laser cut medallion at the front of the bike with Steve’s initials (so there is no question as to who owns it).