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Collection of Tree houses as the aim to become a master treehouse builder

Radamés “Juni” Figueroa lived in his art project tree house, made from found materials, for two fortnights, as part of...
Achieving such efficiency and maintaining the integrity of the wetlands and woodlands on the property meant more...
“This was really a parameter-driven project,” explains Lukasz Kos, a Toronto-based designer and cofounder of the...
@sticks.and.bricks: it's #treehouse season! please excuse me while I go #playintheyard.
Estate Bungalow in Matugama, Sri Lanka, by Narein Perera as published in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
Woodman’s Tree House is built using local materials where possible and includes traditional wooden craftsmanship...
The Treehouse, also part of the Post Ranch Inn, features Cor-ten panels.
Eighteen-foot-long ribs run from top to bottom to form the treehouse's struts.
Ethan Schussler built his first tree house at 12 years old.