Collection by Zachary Edelson

Travertine Designs in 6 Modern Homes


A limestone (not technically a marble!) that ranges from dark greys to coral regs, travertine has been used as masonry blocks or fine finishes for centuries. While it usually comes with pockets and troughs—a result of its geological formation—it can be buffed smooth. While perhaps most popular as a mosaic, it can be used to sheathe exteriors, floors, walls, and more. Explore this versatile construction material in these 7 modern homes!

The travertine terrace just beyond the living room has a pair of chairs, coffee table, and sofa by local furniture...
The master bath is a simple rectangle. “Like the kitchen, I designed it so that no stuff was laying around,” Erik said.
The client’s house, located in the center of the building, caters to the couple and their two children.
Only glass separates Farmer and Kozely from their backyard (and Celtic cross reproduction) when they shower.
The flooring in the master bath is vein-cut Ocean Silver travertine.
The streamlined bathroom space is clad in travertine, with elm wood cabinet drawers and a seamless wraparound...