Collection by Allie Weiss

Traditional Homes with Surprisingly Modern Interiors


You'd never guess the modern sensibility inside these homes with traditional facades.

Oakland, California, doesn’t want for stately old Victorian houses, but heritage and zoning regulations often make them...
The custom banister is a constant and classy reminder of the crafty designer, who is also godfather to the McDonalds'...
A small deck off the back of the main house is protected from the wind and supported by a small grassy mound.
The great room's high, pitched roof and neutral walls give the space an open, tranquil feel, making it a desirable spot...
The house, which was built in 1922.
The Deans’ new kitchen is long and narrow, punctuated by the small windows that dot the façade and one large...
The exterior of this 1878 Victorian offers little insight into its new, expansive, light-filled interior.
Homeowner Jennifer Roy takes advantage of her wired kitchen.