Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Touring Basel, Switzerland, Part 2


Last month I traveled to Basel, Switzerland, a European city first founded during the Roman Empire and still boasting beautiful buildings constructed more than 1,000 years agos. In Touring Basel, Switzerland, Part 1, I explored the city's historic downtown, which is a mix of neo-Gothic cathedrals, knit graffiti, ancient bridges, and Richard Serra sculptures. In Part 2, we share the fun to be had in and around the Rhine and travel outside the city to the Vitra campus and the Laufen bathrooms factory.

One excursion that Dwell friend Luc Meier of Swissnex San Francisco highly recommended was climbing up the Münster...
This view of the Münster is taken from the other side of the Rhine.
You can cross the Rhine in Basel in two ways: via the many bridges or on one of several ferries.
It's nearly impossible to walk more than five minutes in Basel without stumbling upon a water fountain.
The most famous fountain in Basel is the Tinguely Fountain next to the Basel Theater.
A sense of play is tangible throughout the city.
Basel's best form of play, in my opinion, is swimming down the Rhine.
When hopping in the Rhine, you have two options: Leave your things on shore and walk back to them after your swim or...
The trip from the furthest point upstream where you're allowed to swim down to this spot, where I got out of the water,...
Next to the river was a great cafe housed in a shipping container, a now ubiquitous building material and solution.
Though Basel boasts a big list of amazing museums, I was most excited to head to the Vitra Design Museum (shown here)...
The most recent structure at the Vitra campus is Basel-based firm Herzog & de Meuron's VitraHaus.
The campus is scattered with buildings by world-renowned architects commissioned for the site as well as several...
I finished my trip with a visit to Laufen bathrooms to see its premier showroom and to tour its factory.