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Top 10 Houses on Dwell This Week November 21, 2013


As the weekend slowly draws to a near, we've gathered up ten of our most clicked on homes on Dwell this week for your perusal.

The topography proved challenging so the designers elevated the house on piers.
There were numerous design parameters to consider, from adding space to staying within budget to matching the scale of...
Near the main house, James Turrell’s pyramidal Skyspace structure invites visitors into its dark recess for a chance to...
The house rises to nearly the height of the neighboring structure.
“The hope has been to combine archaic and modern elements in a way that would enhance the beauty of each by virtue of...
A one-story villa in Lafayette Park.
Matthew Trzebiatowski matched an extreme aesthetic to an extreme climate, but his sustainable moves took a gentler...
“Tel Aviv is different from the rest of Israel.
On an eight-foot-wide site in London, architect Luke Tozer cleverly squeezed in...
Though the Cook Inlet is nearby, from the street, the house’s simple facade gives little indication of the sights that...
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