Collection by Jaime Gillin

Tomorrow's Design Stars: Part 2


Continuing our in-depth look at some of our favorite emerging designers around the world—read more about them in our May 2012 roundup here!—here are some additional products that illustrate their talents. Part One showcased designers from the U.K. to Germany to Tokyo to Sydney to Buenos Aires. This time we look at design duos from America and Bangkok, a handful of Scandinavians, and a talented young woman from South Africa who's making her mark on everything from wallpaper to wooden toys. Click through for more!

Though Eugene, Oregon-based Studio Gorm (aka John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong Arndt) is best known for their Peg...
Studio Gorm's Peg light has a wooden base and porcelain shade and is reminiscent of an old library lamp.
Cape Town-based designer Renée Rossouw created this set of ceramic tableware, called Pattern Diary, in 2010.
Last year, Robin Sprong, owner of a Cape Town wallpaper company, saw Rossouw's drawings at the Design Indaba conference...
This pattern is called Earth Sunset.
Rossouw has also dipped her feet into making designs for children.
Jonas R. Stokke and Øystein Austad, who work in Oslo, Norway, under the name StokkeAustad, created this Dayboard...
We love the silhouette of this Lobby Chair, which StokkeAustad says "derived from experiments on how an objects relates...
This lacquered aluminum pendant lamp is basically a cube with three sides removed.
Line Depping, who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, says she finds inspiration in corralling disorder.
Depping's simple and elegant wooden Splejs chair dates form 2010.
THINKK Studio, based in Bangkok, Thailand, created the Foldo lamp out of powder-coated folded steel and a wooden base.
The duo's Miti stool can double as a side table.