Collection by Olivia Martin

Tom Dixon’s New Collection for Salone 2013


Tom Dixon’s latest collection for Milan in a few weeks is called Rough and Smooth with eight new product families. Dwell wants all of them. For more Tom Dixon products, see his 2013 Stockholm design week pendant lamp, and classic copper shade light.

The Rough and Smooth collection was inspired by the studio’s exploration of texture and material weight in contrast...
Another line, “Cell,” is a series of brass pendant and wall lights in an etched, geometric pattern that mimics cellular...
“Spun” references the space age, with Art Deco and pop influences; these three pieces are meant to imbue “disco...
These “Flask” lights are made from two hand blown glass components with a smoked-glass hood.
Tom Dixon also launched its Bespoke line: Change the color, size or finish of any existing products with this new...
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