Collection by Katie Thompson

Tips for Preserving Iconic Modern Furniture Designs


Purchasing a classic modern design piece is an investment. While classics are given this title for their timelessness, unfortunately age and wear can cause damage and decrease the value of even the most well-built designs. These tips will help you preserve your investment and care for your beloved pieces, whether purchased new or vintage.

A vintage lamp and George Nelson’s Marshmallow sofa and Spool clock embody the mid-century feel of Soheil and Nima...
Plastics tend to harden, become brittle, and discolor over time.
Keep an eye on the adhesive areas of your piece.
The built-in sofa was designed by CCS Architecture and fabricated by San Francisco-based Kroll Furniture.
Don’t go DIY with your repairs. If something happens to your piece, take it to a restoration professional.
Keep the manufacturer’s label on and avoid refinishing.

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