Collection by Erika Heet

tips for clutter-free bedrooms


For our first post in a series featuring inspiring, clutter-free rooms, we begin with the space that is arguably the most important to keep clear of all visual noise: the bedroom.

A curtain wall obscures the closet in the master bedroom.
The bedroom has a view of the cherry trees.
Storage under the bed and floor hides clutter in the master bedroom.
The bed takes up nearly the entire master bedroom, but it doesn’t make the space feel cramped.
The master bedroom is spartan.
Their parents’ seldom-needed stuff (luggage, winter clothes) is stashed in the higher cabinets.
For a house in Phoenix, Arizona, Cy Keener's bedroom is on the far end the Spartan scale, but shows an interesting...
Thomas Bercy’s austere bedroom.
“Two-bedroom apartments are coveted in Manhattan, but the reality is that we are just two people, and the second...
In the bedroom portion of the upstairs studio, a vintage Japanese indigo quilt from the Rose Bowl Swap Meet lies folded...