Collection by Erika Heet

Tips for a Clutter-Free Home Office


The next post in our series dedicated to eradicating clutter focuses squarely on the home office, where simple storage and design solutions promise to help you dump those extra papers and think clearly.

The office, which overlooks the main living space, is situated as if it's the prow of a ship.
The office where Poorter and Femke Holdrinet work looks onto the canal just beyond the building.
A second bedroom was converted into a home office/dining room.
In the office, Steelcase’s “Think” chair is what Scholtus calls “a masterpiece of cradle-to-cradle design—fully...
Boglione's terrarium-like bathroom doubles as an office.
In his home office, Wardell runs his online art gallery Chester's Blacksmith Shop and researches his next project:...
Each unit has its own outdoor space, but none are physically bounded, facilitating spontaneous interaction.
The office houses the letter “U" as well as cameras.
In the third floor office that doubles as a bird sanctuary, the owners share the magnificent views with their...
The bedroom overlooks an office, which floats above the kitchen and dining room.
Van Everbroeck’s home office occupies the end of one arm of the building.
Van Beek’s extra space is home to her office.