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Tiny Furniture: Diminutive Home Picks


Following suit with our November issue, Small Spaces Big Ideas, take a look at these helpful space-saving pieces.

Chairway An attached stool retracts seamlessly into the sturdy multipurpose chair.
Fusillo Wall Shelves Modules in this flexible wall-mounted shelf rotate to act as a bookend or a hanger.
Ottoman This hard-sided ottoman conceals compartments for magazines and remotes.
Designed in 1963 to match a similar molded plywood chair, these space-efficient nesting tables by Grete Jalk have been...
Furniture that folds flat, like the Profile Chair, all but disappears when not in use.
Citybook Modular Shelving Sheet-iron modules can be rearranged with the aid of small magnets.
Naturally Cabinet Ribbons of blackened stainless steel outline wood cabinetry and lacquered white sheet metal.
TT The removable tray inside a wire frame seems to float within a minimalist cage.
Plantrellis Using chicken wire to support growing vines is a thing of the past thanks to these sleek wire trellises...
Guapo Desk This trim work surface sports an industrial iron frame with a mango-wood drawer.
Adobe Desk Tools Wire “molds” affixed to weighty clay bricks make for an experimental set of work accessories.
Concentré de Vie Two upholstered seats and two pouffes fit into a shell to make a traditional sofa; when removed, the...
Par4 Coffee Table Four multi-colored tabletops reverse and slide out to expand the usable surface.
Spacebox The lacquer and melamine wall-mounted desk sports myriad interior cubbies and folds up when not in use.
Matrioshka All-in-one storage in the form of two wardrobes, three cabinets, two standalone drawers, and two legs that...
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