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Tiny Cabin

Sleep in a Translucent Cocoon for $495 a Night
Designed with the help of Harry Gesner, the Autonomous Tent provides a luxurious camping experience in Big Sur, California.
The family retreat abuts a rocky cliff in Herfell, Norway.
According to Remijnse, since the only direction they could build on the small site was up, they decided to add height...
The building takes advantage of passive heating and cooling, thanks to Blee and Halligan's strategic design to capture...
Deep eaves prevent the entrance from being buried in snow.
This 191-square-foot cabin near Vancouver and its glass facades "forces you to engage with the bigger landscape,"...
For the Knoxville-based CEO of environmentally-focused marketing firm the Shelton Group, building an off-the-grid...
Before building on the North Island of New Zealand, two friends spent years replanting the site.
When she visits the Watershed, Kathleen's writing accoutrements are limited to paper and pencil.
Erin Moore of FLOAT Architectural Research and Design, based in Tucson, Arizona, designed a 70-square-foot writer’s...
Jaanus Orgusaar's NOA cabin in the Virumaa region of northeast Estonia.
The interior of Jaanus Orgusaar's NOA cabin in the Virumaa region of Estonia.
A shipping container is perfectly sized to serve as a tiny guesthouse, as San Antonio artist Stacey Hill finds.
Architects: Kirsten Murray, Tom...
A small shipping container home in New Plymouth, New Zealand features a retractable porch.