Collection by Aaron Britt

Tiles of Marrakech


I was in Morocco last week and it should come as no surprise to design fans that I was ensorcelled by the variety and complexity of Moroccan tilework. From elaborate mosaics on palace walls to simple geometric designs on the street, I found myself snapping photo after photo of tiles. Here are a handful of highlights from my time in Marrakech. Look for more in the next couple days from Casablanca.

The decorative arts are quite maximalist in Morocco, making this courtyard in the 19th century Bahia Palace all the...
I snapped this one walking down the street in the medina, or old walled city.
Here's another star pattern taken in the streets of the souk.
Here's a bit of rigid geometry on the facade of this public bath house.
I snapped this one in the bathroom of one of the rooms at the hotel and restaurant La Maison Arabe.
Probably the most astounding architecture I saw on the whole trip was here at the Madrasa Ben Youssef, a Koranic school...
In the entry, they kept a handful of the original tiles from the 1560s alongside those from the restoration that lasted...
Maybe they were on the short side in the 1560s, but I just fit through this doorway off of the central courtyard.
This is at the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, just outside what is now a gift shop.
Here's another glimpse inside a doorway just off an alley I was wandering down.
Here's another pretty impressive mosaic display, this time at the Saadian tombs.

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