Tiled Bathrooms We Love


Even though they’re the least public rooms in a house, bathrooms should receive the same attention to design and detail as the other rooms. Textured tile work is a great way to add visual interest.

The blue-tiled master bathroom stands in contrast to the muted tones of the rest of the house.
Eddy Uritani (or Uncle Eddy, as he’s known to Zane) did all the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.
Even the laundry hampers, above, are discreetly stowed out of sight.
Vibrant green tile adds punch to the bathroom.
In the bathroom and throughout the apartment, Ryan kept lines as pure as possible by designing built-in storage alcoves.
The Mora faucet was actually intended for use in a kitchen. Photo by Per Magnus Persson.
In the upper-level bathroom, tiles painstakingly fired by DeSimio cover the walls and ceiling.
A skylight over the middle of a room is a nice thing.
In the bathroom, a thin pane of glass separates the shower; an Aquaplane sink by Lacava hovers above...
A roll-down shade encloses a guest bath on the lower level. The bath tile is two-by-two Daltile mosaic.