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This Smart Standing Desk Will Make Your Work Day Healthier


By now we've all been told of the negative impacts of sedentary office jobs. Some have gone so far as to call sitting the new smoking. Ergonomics experts recommend standing for 15 minutes every hour to help improve health and furniture maker Humanscale has developed a new app in tandem with the technology company Tome to quantify the benefits.

The OfficeIQ system from Humanscale integrates with the existing line of task chairs, standing desks, and...
OfficeIQ, which is iOS and Android compatible, measures how many calories are burned and can sync with third-party...
Regular intervals of standing reportedly reduce fatigue, minimize injury, and improve long term health.
The Float height-adjustable table is one of the items that's OfficeIQ compatable.
Humanscale's QuickStand height-adjustable desktop station can be outfitted with the OfficeIQ system, the idea being...