Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

This Modern Barn Looks Completely at Home in the English Countryside


Chris Dyson Architects created a contemporary extension to a traditional cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Constructing a contemporary home extension in a bucolic region renowned for its untarnished hills can quickly provoke local controversy. So when Chris Dyson Architects began renovating a dilapidated, 19th-century gasworks building in England’s beloved Cotswolds, the firm came up with a clever way of respectfully adapting the structure to the rural landscape. The nearly 1,300-square-foot addition to a traditional cottage mimics the shape and materials of nearby barns while remaining distinctly modern. The local response? “It’s been remarkably positive,” partner Harry Whittaker says.

An envelope of Cor-Ten steel clads the structure’s timber frame.
The two structures meet at the cottage’s northeastern end, where the contrast between them—the rough warmth of local...
A glass-fronted portico leads from the cottage’s kitchen past four bedrooms to the new tower, accessed by a sculptural...
The addition forms a horseshoe around a buried brick pit from the original gasworks building.
A circular tower echoes the former gas storage cylinder that once occupied its place.
The home’s carbon footprint is small.
The architects arranged the windows to enclose romantic views worthy of British painter Thomas Gainsborough.
“This has been a fascinating project,” Whittaker says.

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