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This Modern Barn Looks Completely at Home in the English Countryside


Chris Dyson Architects created a contemporary extension to a traditional cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Constructing a contemporary home extension in a bucolic region renowned for its untarnished hills can quickly provoke local controversy. So when Chris Dyson Architects began renovating a dilapidated, 19th-century gasworks building in England’s beloved Cotswolds, the firm came up with a clever way of respectfully adapting the structure to the rural landscape. The nearly 1,300-square-foot addition to a traditional cottage mimics the shape and materials of nearby barns while remaining distinctly modern. The local response? “It’s been remarkably positive,” partner Harry Whittaker says.

An envelope of Cor-Ten steel clads the structure’s timber frame.
The two structures meet at the cottage’s northeastern end, where the contrast between them—the rough warmth of local...
A glass-fronted portico leads from the cottage’s kitchen past four bedrooms to the new tower, accessed by a sculptural...
The addition forms a horseshoe around a buried brick pit from the original gasworks building.
A circular tower echoes the former gas storage cylinder that once occupied its place. It houses a private study.
The home’s carbon footprint is small.
The architects arranged the windows to enclose romantic views worthy of British painter Thomas Gainsborough.
“This has been a fascinating project,” Whittaker says.

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