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This Just In at the Dwell Store: Greta de Parry’s Coleman Series


One of our winners of the 2015 Dwell on Design Awards, the Coleman Stool from Greta de Parry is a sophisticated, welcoming design that expertly blends materials. Now available at the Dwell Store, de Parry’s Coleman Stools and Adjustable Height Table present a perfect complement to a modern interior.

Chicago–based Greta de Parry is a classically trained woodworker and sculptor. She studied Sculpture and Designed Objects at The School of the Art Institute, later being recruited as the sole artist in residence in a post-graduate program with SAIC. She began her career making custom-commissioned furniture from high-quality materials using skilled construction methods. From 2007 to 2012, de Parry worked on bringing her designs to a wider audience, ultimately founding Greta de Parry Design, LLC in 2012. Every Greta de Parry design is made to be honest, simple, beautiful, lasting, and beneficial to its users.

The Coleman Bar Stool is a sophisticated design that blends mixed materials, color, and geometry to create a...
First released in 2010, the Coleman Counter Stool was awarded a Best Furniture Award from the 2015 Dwell on Design...
Another view of the Coleman Counter Stool shows a white frame and bleached maple wood seat.
A companion to Greta de Parry’s Coleman Stools, this table has an adjustable walnut tabletop that can extend from 22 to...

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